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Scrubs Color Psychology

  • It is already past the time all the nurses wearing the same color in all healthcare facilities.
  • Today, hospitals and clinics are more flexible in choosing the color for nurses’ uniforms because they know the importance of color to their brand image.
  • Color is expressive and emotional; every color evokes a different feeling or mood for people.
  • The color of uniforms will affect not only the nurses’ feeling but also patients’ feeling and emotion.
  • While the perception of color is subjective, some effects of colors have universal meanings and effects.
  • Understanding the psychological meaning of every color will help you choose the suitable color which can create a right mood, while aligned with your hospital’s brand image.
  • Every color evokes different mood and tone for the scrub you are going to wear.
  • Before picking a color for scrubs in your healthcare facility, you should think about the meaning behind every color and its effects on professionals’ performance.
  • Another factor to consider when choosing color is your hospital brand image: the color of scrubs should blend well with your hospital’s interior design.
  • Lets walk through how each color can impact the ‘look and feel’ of your scrubs.


  • Scrub used to be white. White has been marked ‘healthcare color’ as it has been considered as the best choice for doctors and nurses for so long until now.
  • White has been the most optimal and safest choice because white is a sign of sterility and hygiene.
  • White – the color of cleanliness. Meanwhile, white color evokes the neutral, and calm tone for both the patients and nurses.
  • However, in practical use, white fabric is subjected to stain and dirt. The white uniform also requires high maintenance to preserve the white color.


  • Recently, blue is also a popular choice for nurses due to its meaning and practicality in maintenance.
  • Blue is a sign of peace and calmness. It also evokes the feelings of trust, and serenity.
  • Blue uniforms create a professional, friendly and trustworthy ‘look and feel’. It is also the color of wisdom and intelligence.
  • It is to explain why medical doctors usually have blue scrubs.
  • In additions, blue uniforms are pretty easy to maintain the colors.
  • Stain and dirt’s are not too visible on blue colors.
  • For overall brand image of the hospital, blue uniforms blend pretty well with different interior design styles of hospitals and clinics.


  • If you watch the TV series Scrubs or Grey’s Anatomy, you will easily spot that the surgeons wear green scrubs.
  • There is a number of reasons that green scrub is picked for operation theater.
  • Speaking of meanings of color, the green is a color of peace and harmony, a color of nature.
  • The green color also evokes the feeling of refreshment and equilibrium. The green scrub creates friendly and calm feelings for patients.
  • Another more important reason to surgeons choose green color for scrubs: the green color creates a much more important impact on the performance of surgeons.
  • Green is considered to help doctors see better in the operation theater. On the color wheel, we can see that green is the opposite of red.
  • And looking at green or blue colors will help doctors refresh doctors’ vision of red things, which include the bloody internal organs of patients.
  • Besides, deep focus on red can lead to distracting green illusions on white surfaces because the white color contains all colors of the wheel including red and green.
  • Therefore, if the scrub color is green, the green illusion can be minimized.


  • Warm colors like purple has been picked for nurses because the warm colors evoke feelings of warmth and sincere care.
  • Purple, the royal color, also creates a feeling of truthfulness and high quality. The purple scrubs make the nurses look much more friendly, and stylish.


  • Pink is also one of the favorite colors for nurse scrubs due to its lovely, friendly tone. Pink creates a tone of warmth, and nurturing. It is also a sign of love.
  • Pink is usually picked for nurse scrubs in pediatric department where the nurses need trust and acceptance from the little patients.


  • Minimalist colors like white and black are never out of fashion.
  • Although black is not really as popular as white when it comes to healthcare uniforms, black is still picked by many hospitals due to its color meaning and practicality.
  • Black color is a sign of security, emotional safety and efficiency.
  • Also, black is a stylish color, which will make you always stylish and professional.
  • For practical use, black color is easy for washing and maintenance.

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