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February 26, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Reusable Gowns vs Disposable

  • It’s the Responsible Choice, because the Future is NOT Disposable!
  • Reusable apparel can reduce medical waste as much as 80% and reduce costs as much as 25% to 50%.
  • Today, it is crucial to find clear-cut solutions regarding the sustainability issues in the healthcare industry.
  • Sustainability is defined as taking actions that meet the needs of the present without jeopardizing the needs of future generations.
  • And, more and more hospitals and clinics have replaced single-use apparel with reusable apparel as a way to save cost and reduce medical waste.

Quality / Comfort / Fashion

  • Manufacturing of reusable apparel has been developed over the past few years to improve the quality.
  • Healthcare apparel manufactured today has high levels of comfort, protection, flexibility, strength, and durability. Also, they have low rates of particle release (low-lining).
  • Reusable apparel manufactured using microfiber technology that produces 100% polyester, fluid-repellent fabric. Therefore, that apparel can protect the healthcare workers from blood and bodily fluids. They also provide comfort for the wearers to walk and work comfortably in the healthcare workplaces.

Reduce Medical Waste

  • According to the New England Journal of Medicine, hospital patients in the U.S. generate about 15 pounds of waste every day.
  • Nationwide, hospitals generate approximately 6,700 tons of waste daily – at least 15% of which is considered infectious. 75% of hospitals designate surgical waste as infectious; 53% of surgical waste is comprised of disposable linen. And, the single-use disposable apparel contributes to a big portion of the waste generated in healthcare facilities.
  • By using reusable apparel, healthcare organizations / facilities can reduce up to 5 times of the waste compared to using single-use disposable apparel.

Save the Costs

  • Cost is always a critical issue for healthcare facilities due to the soaring costs of medicine, equipment and supplies.
  • One effective way to reduce costs is switching to reusable apparel.
  • Why? Single-use cost 25% to 50% more than the cost to reusable.

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