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February 26, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Perfect medical professional lab coat

  • Doctors started using the lab coat between 100 and 200 years ago in order to protect their skin and clothing from hazardous chemicals. Since then, the lab coat has been an essential piece of clothing choice in daily use for all the professionals working in medicine and the life sciences.
  • Now Lab / Doctor / Professional coat is one of the most vital attributes to the professional performance of doctors, nurses, dentist, hygienist, lab technicians, clinical staff, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals – To look professional and polished in a white crisp coat.
  • A well-designed coat will not only enhance your operational efficiency but also help you create a good image in your workplace. Besides the image that a lab coat portrays, it is there to protect you from hazards and medical wastes that come with the job.
  • Some basic tips to consider in choosing a coat that fits you comfortably and perfectly:

Stitching / Fitting

  • As a healthcare professional, you are on the move constantly: walking, crouching, bending etc. You have to make sure that your coat is made to be comfortable to work with your long hours.
  • The quality of the stitching will determine whether the coat can sustain and enhance these kinds of movements. There should be enough room in the shoulders to allow you to reach above your head without pulling the coat up and constricting you; you do not want so much room though that it hangs on you.
  • A coat made to last has to have reinforced seams, and back tacks at common stress points. Check whether it features top-stitching on the back, shoulders, and elbows as this will make your coat much more durable after multiple washes.
  • Having the coat front is sewn down, means you don’t have to worry about the facing peeking out and getting in the way when you are caring for your patients, working in the lab or working on a medical device.

Material / Fabric

  • Usually, healthcare professional coats are made of the combined cotton and polyester.
    1. Cotton is the most common material used for professional coats as it is lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and durable.  However, cotton wrinkles easily.
    2. Polyester is hard to stain and does not wrinkle.
  • The combination makes the medical coat more durable, comfortable, and stain-resistant whilst maintaining its shape over time.
  • You may alternatively choose to take the coat made of 100% pure cotton to get the super softness against your skin.
  • There is a diverse range from light to heavy weight in the pure cotton and cotton-polyester choices. When choosing your medical coat, you should consider the material based on your preferences and the climate in your area of work.
  • If you work in a chemistry lab, you must choose a coat that is made with stain-resistant, it must be able to absorb or prevent chemical spills or medical wastes and fire-retardant solvents, if you have to work with hazardous and flammable liquid.

Design / Style

  • A white coat is professional attire for doctors, nurses, lab technicians, clinical staff and other healthcare professionals – The coat’s style, therefore, should be able to reflect the wearer’s job. You should look for:
  • A coat designed for good functionality plus plenty of storage, so it can house a variety of tools and equipment for your convenience during work. Featuring large exterior pockets, and interior pockets to carry pens, a pad, a stethoscope and other tools so you can easily care for patients anytime and anywhere.
  • A coat designed to make you look in style in workplaces. Your body shape and your style preferences are two important factors to consider when picking a medical coat.
    1. For example, your height will decide the right length for the coat, and the right coat should fall to your knee or slightly above your knee.
    2. The design of the coat should be made to flatter your body shape.
  • Women looking for a flattering cut, a lab coat with pleating below the bust, slimming vertical seams or details on the waist will flatter your curves with a professional subtlety. If you have athletic frames, a lab coat with a flat waistband with pleating and other details on the inner seams and pockets will bring a feminine touch to a professional look.

Customize / Personalize

  • A tailored coat can create a perfect fit for your body. You can rely on trusted healthcare apparel manufacturers / suppliers with their customized sizing as well as sleeve and coat length alterations.
  • To give a personal touch to your professional attire, you can have your medical coat tailored with embroidery, add unique colors, or customize your size. For customized sizing, the right supply company should be able to tailor the correct sleeve and coat length to fit you perfectly.

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