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February 25, 2020
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How to find medical professional footwear?

  • You may think that there is nothing serious about the nursing shoes if it is compared to other apparels like your coat, or uniform. Because it is just the shoes …? In fact, the shoes are seriously important to the daily work performance and health of the nurses.
  • Nursing is a hard, physical demanding job that affects a lot on your body parts especially the back and the feet. And typically, the feet always get neglected while they carry your whole body and other things.
  • Bad footwear affects not only your feet but also your other parts especially the hip and the back. As a nurse, you need to find good quality shoes/ clogs that provide you 100% comfort, protection and support. Simply put, good nursing shoes make you look good and work like a breeze all day without getting any injuries or pain. However, choosing a good pair of nursing shoes is not that simple as it sounds. Today, there are a lot of options and brands offered in the market, and especially on the online stores; however, browsing and picking one ideal pair for you is in fact a challenge.
  • One of the main reasons why choosing nursing shoes is tricky because good shoes depend on your own feet. This brand may work for me, but may not work for me. Therefore, we provide you some major tips to use when choosing nursing shoes for yourself.

Measure Your Feet Carefully

  • The most important as well as the first thing to do is to take careful measurement of your feet. You can do by yourself or ask someone to help you do it, and this is can be done easily at home. As most people have slight difference in feet, so make sure to shop for the larger one.

Weight of Shoes

  • As you have to wear shoes and move / stand for long hours everyday, the weight of the shoes is very important. Heavy shoes will affect your comfort and also your mood. For nurses, it is advisable to choose lightweight shoes if your tasks require long hours of standing and walking. When shopping online, you should think about the weight of the shoes, or the material of the shoes.

Design and Shape

  • Nursing footwear come in a variety of designs and shapes that accommodate different types of feet shapes and medical conditions. Each shoe has its own pros and cons depending on your feet, medical conditions and workplace environment.
  • If you are new, you may ask your coworkers how they feel about the shoes they are wearing to survey the one may be best for you. Moreover, in some healthcare facilities, there could be some restrictions in the use of certain shoes because of the policy or safety concerns so you should check with your job before investing in a pair of nursing shoes.

Slip Resistance

  • As a nurse, if you work in hospitals, you need to walk very fast, and even run. It is certain that slip resistance should be an important factor when choosing nursing shoes. It is recommended to shop for shoes with additional anti-slip fit feature.


  • Is nevertheless important. Good quality material would guarantee that you get durable shoes and good comfort for your feet.

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