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February 25, 2020
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February 26, 2020

Look more Healthcare Professional in style with comfort

  • There is nothing wrong but everything great to look pretty, lovely and stylish in your nursing scrub. Looking good in your nursing scrub during your long scrubs has a lot of benefits for you. The compliments will lift up your mood. And even feeling that you look lovely in that scrub also makes you feel much more confident when you communicate with colleagues or patients.
  • Many nurses complain that they want to look good and charming in the scrubs, but the scrubs are designed to make them bland and unattractive instead. My friend nurses complain that it is impossible to look good in the healthcare environment. It’s not true. There’s a will; there’s a way. And here, there are many easy ways to improve your look in healthcare workplaces.
  • When you know these tips, I am sure it will take you no time to create a lovely, pulled-together and professional look with your new scrubs. Here are 5 tips for you to choose the scrub that makes you look lovely, but not stand out too much among your colleagues.

Quality of Fabric

  • Don’t underestimate the quality of fabric to the aesthetic feel of the scrub. When working in hospital, the nurses have to do many various movements from walking to lifting. For quality fabric, the scrub will look less wrinkly during long shift when compared to the scrub with bad quality scrub. Moreover, the good quality fabric will be more durable, breathable and comfortable for your movements during performing the tasks. The quality will pay off in long run.

Go for the Fit

  • Although working in hospital requires comfortable uniform, it doesn’t mean that you have to pick the baggiest stuff for your body. Choose a scrub size that fits your body but not too tightly. The scrub that is too tight or too loose make you looks unattractive in hospital; moreover, it will create safety and sanitary issues.
  • Also, choose the body form that compliments your curve in a subtle way. Pick the form that emphasizes your narrowest part of your body like the waist. You can use the scrub with band running around the waist, or tie on the back to highlight your lovely waist. Don’t be shy about that; highlight your lovely curve.

Pick a Complimentary Color

  • The scrub’s form and size is not enough if you ignore this important part: the color. Choose the color of the scrub that goes well with your skin tone and eyes. Also, a tip here is that you should choose a color that is different from the color of your hospital interior. There are several ways to choose the suitable color of scrub for your skin. One of the ways is putting the scrub next to your face. If the scrub makes your face look warm up / brighten up, that color is for you. If you face looks pale with that scrub, put it down, it’s not for you. If you are still not sure, you can check with that help of this comprehensive guide.

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