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Reusable and Disposable (Apparel, Linen), Footwear (Clogs, Shoes, Flips), Diagnostic Tools and Instruments

Scrubs Color Psychology

It is already past the time all the nurses wearing the same color in all healthcare facilities. Today, hospitals and clinics are more flexible in choosing […]

Reusable Gowns vs Disposable

It’s the Responsible Choice, because the Future is NOT Disposable! Reusable apparel can reduce medical waste as much as 80% and reduce costs as much as […]

How to pick a patient gown?

Although the surgeon / patient gown and other apron may be considered the additional gears for healthcare professionals, the way you choose and use these apparels […]

Pick a gift for Nurse / Doctor

Who says that nursing is only for women? Gender Equality! Today, more and more women are doctors, and more men are nurses. A recent study has […]

Perfect medical professional lab coat

Doctors started using the lab coat between 100 and 200 years ago in order to protect their skin and clothing from hazardous chemicals. Since then, the […]

Personalize Scrubs, Lab Coats, …

Today, the healthcare organizations including hospitals, labs, spa and clinics have spent extra focus on the customization marketing to brand themselves and create positive impressions among […]

Look more Healthcare Professional in style with comfort

There is nothing wrong but everything great to look pretty, lovely and stylish in your nursing scrub. Looking good in your nursing scrub during your long […]

Keep Scrubs in good conditions

One of the top questions is about how to keep the nursing scrubs in good conditions. For the nurses, the scrubs are like their daily best […]

Medical Uniform Special Fabric

The type of fabric is the most essential thing to the healthcare apparel industry; it has strive to bring the most advanced technologies in producing the […]

How to find medical professional footwear?

You may think that there is nothing serious about the nursing shoes if it is compared to other apparels like your coat, or uniform. Because it […]

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